Invasion of the HMB's
by GriffinJay
The crossovers with my other comics officially begin by adding all of the HMB comics found here as a chapter within Avatars. 3 strips will upload automatically each day. Afterwards the next real Avatars strip will be added in a new chapter entitled "Invasion of the HMB's."
During that chapter we will begin to encounter characters from another comic strip, the authors of which have given me permission to use in a crossover with theirs. Guru Potatohead Theatre. I hope you all have as much fun reading as we do producing.
Avatars 2.5 Finally Started!
by GriffinJay
After hitting a couple writter's blocks in my other comics, I realised that what I really wanted to do was more Avatars. So I came up with a plot ideas for Avatars 3, as well as what I have decided to call Avatars 2.5 because it takes place between Avatars 2 and 3. Why not just call them 3 and 4, you ask? Well, because 3 is supposed to take place immediately after the last panel of #236 and 2.5 takes place between the 2nd and 3rd panels.
Jan 24, 2019 - 200 Strips
by GriffinJay
The special Avatars I had planned for strip #200 is taking a little longer than anticipated. I had hoped to have it up tonight, but it will probably take another day or two. I will have it uploaded by the weekend, then I will begin production of the 201st strip, continuing the story. This week's delay shouldn't affect next week's post; it should still be ready and posted by next Wednesday night.
Thanks for reading and I hope you're enjoying it.
Dec 4, 2018
by GriffinJay

New plan: I will make a new commitment to make weekly updates for Avatars. I should be able to post a new strip every Wednesday night at midnight. Next one is already scheduled to post this Weds. The only accept ions coming up are during the weeks of Christmas and New Years. I will probably be taking time off of comic production for the sake of family time. Thank you for reading and I hope you're enjoying reading Avatars as much I am enjoying creating it.

by GriffinJay

I see that I'm fast approaching the 200th strip of Avatars. The displayed strip #s are kind of misleading, so I will be making some order adjustments that will "fix" that. But even still, 200 will come in a few weeks I'm sure. I think I'll actually plan something cool for it. Keep reading!