Comic 307 - Unfriendly Enemies

22nd Nov 2022, 11:20 AM in Avatars X Guru Potato Head Theatre
Unfriendly Enemies
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Author Notes:

GriffinJay 22nd Nov 2022, 11:20 AM edit delete
Throughout Avatars 2 and 2.5 so far, the main characters are often able to talk with their foes whenever they show up, and receive explanations before the battles actually begin. This time the Teddy Bear Philbert has proven to be unwilling to waste that time.
Also, the irony seems to be lost on J that he's complaining about foes not willing to chat to individuals who are also technically foes.

I was going to have Ty show up to explain that J thinks he's a vampire and that he need's to “drink blood” to recover from his wounds but that this cloak is the actual source of his healing, and then I thought it would be funnier to just let that last question hang awkwardly out there.


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